A Unique blend of Steampunk, Art Deco, and Abstract Art

Bex is a self-taught artist, based out of fabulous Las Vegas. She has always had a
love of all the arts. The painting journey began at age 16, when she received her first
painting set. She immediately began playing with blending techniques and color concepts.
The original ideas can still be seen in her work today.
A few years back while working on a Greek Comedy for the Las Vegas Fringed
Festival. Bex was set to task to put a new twist on the traditional Greek column. The
signature sinewy design was born. As the final scene was set in hell, I had the vision of the
columns melting. They ended up taking on a more muscular appearance.
Bex' unique Sinewy style can be described as fluid and natural, embodying chaos,
nature, and natural form. It is eye catching and hypnotic. It invokes feeling and emotion.
Each piece has its own story to tell, and each person sees a different story.
Bex is also known for her art deco pieces. She has always loved architecture,
especially building made in the art deco era. There are always such beautiful hidden gems to
be found around every corner. She loves to extract that beauty and recreate it in her own
Both styles are combined with contrasting elements, such as leafing, vortexes, and
grid. Which make the bold jewel tones pop even more. Both collections, while completely
different in style. Completely express both sides of Bex's personality. Dark and
structured/Bright and chaotic. Yet, there is a beauty to the structure, and a fluid peace to the
Her work can be found in galleries all around the Las Vegas Valley, and has been sold

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