A Relaxing Hypnotic Journey into Abstract Art

Bex Nikols is originally for Anaheim, California. She moved to Las Vegas with her family when she was 9. As a child she was always surrounded by the arts and music. Finally receiving her first paint set at age 16, she immediately began blending, and creating her own style. She was also first diagnosed with bipolar disorder at this time. Art has become a strong outlet for expressing things that cannot be put into words.

Bex participated in her first Art show in 2012, then still finding her style. By 2013 she was showing in a gallery in the Arts Factory. After a five-year break from art. Bex returned to the Arts Factory, showing in local galleries in 2019. She has been going strong ever since. Creating her signature Sinewy style, which is colorful, organic, and captivating. It also reflects the feeling of mental health. You can feel the sense of isolation, with the chaos swirling around you. With the texture and depth in each piece, your eyes continuously move through the paintings. Then filling you with a calming peaceful feeling. She now has her own studio/gallery inside the Arts Factory. Where you can find her creating 5 days a week.

She has participated in many exhibitions through the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, and The Las Vegas Artists guild. Her work can currently be seen in the BexArt Studio, inside the Arts Factory. She is also showing work across the country and has sold many pieces globally.

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